The Congo tour packages above will take you to only safe tour destinations in Congo. Many tourists have always freaked out on visiting Congo because of the current political instability. Not all areas in the country are safe to visit and you should only visit places you are sure of. Do not visit places you are unsure of or non-recommended places. Congo is a very safe place to visit if only you take the right precautions. With our vast experience, we are ready to organize for you very safe Congo safaris.

Why travel to Congo?

The best reasons to visit Congo are gorilla tracking and Mount Nyiragongo hiking. Thousands flock Goma each year to take on a dare to reach the summit of the most dangerous active volcano in the world. The experience is awesome just like the views from the top. For gorilla trackers, Congo has two species of gorillas – the lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas. These are found in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park respectively. These gorillas can be tracked at a fee of $400. This price is $1100 lower than the Rwandan price and $200 lower than the Ugandan fee.

When to go to Congo

The best time to visit Congo is from June to September. These months are the driest and provide the best experience for various safari activities. Visiting outside these months is still okay but not so recommended because of the high chances of rainfall.