Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddafi Mosque, also known as Uganda National Mosque is the largest mosque in East Africa located about 2km from the city centre at old Kampala hill one of the seven hills in Kampala city the capital of Uganda. The construction of the Gaddafi mosque started in 1972 after the government of Uganda had formed the Uganda Muslim supreme council and the mosque was then called Old Kampala National Mosque. Construction later came to a standstill in 1976 until 2001 when the Ugandan Mufti Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubuye approached the late former president of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi during his visit to Uganda asking him for assistance to complete the construction which he accepted. Construction then began in 2006 and was completed or officially opened in 2007 hence the mosque was later named after Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. After his death, the mosque was renamed to Uganda National Mosque in 2013. 

Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddafi mosque has a seating capacity of 15,000 worshippers in the hall, 1,100 people in the gallery and 3500 people in the terrace. Gaddafi mosque consists of a large hall which is the biggest hall in East, Central, and Sub-Saharan Afric. The hall is always open for Friday prayers and Islamic festivals. Gaddafi mosque also consists of a standard conference hall, library, hospital, University College and a radio station.

Gaddafi mosque is a unique skyscraper compared to other mosques in Uganda and houses the headquarters of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council on the ground floor which is the national faith-based umbrella organization for all Muslims in Uganda and is responsible for reaching out to all people at all levels and takes care of the Islamic affairs in Uganda and on the upper floor there is a mosque. Gaddafi mosque also houses the residence and office of the Ugandan mufti who is the head of the mosque. Mufti is a religious scholar who issues legal options and interprets Sharia or Islamic laws.

Gaddafi mosque is designed in a modern colorful structure with magnificent features of art in the interior and was designed based on the cultures of Europe, Arab and African touch. The mosque is open to all visitors regardless of your background, political affiliation, culture, nationality among others which makes it a great place to visit while on your safari in Kampala city. Gaddafi mosque sits on 12 acres of land and is known as one of the biggest mosque in Africa with the tallest minaret where the muezzin calls Muslims for prayers. 

Gaddafi mosque receives a big number of visitors from different countries, backgrounds, cultures among others due to the fact that it was commissioned as a gift to the Muslims in Uganda and visitors want to witness if it’s true and also want to explore the beautiful interior and minaret. Visitors who come to visit the mosque first go to the office desk to pay entrance fees and will later be provided with a trained English speaking guide who will be taking them around. Women visitors are supposed to put on loose-fitting clothes covering their waist and ankles while men are supposed to wear long sleeved trousers and shirts. If the women don’t have the clothes to veil their heads, veils will be provided and should be returned after the tour. The guides will take you around the mosque where you will be able to view the impressive art and architectural designs in the main hall and the minaret which offers great scenic views of the seven hills in Kampala and Kampala city. Moslem visitors are welcome in Gaddafi mosque any time while non-Muslims pay the entrance fees before accessing the mosque.

When to visit Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddafi mosque can be visited anytime throughout the year however the best time is during the dry season in June, July, August, December, January, and February when there is little or less rainfall in Kampala city than in the wet season during the months of March to May and September to November.

Gaddafi Mosque
View of the Magnificent Gaddafi Mosque Kampala

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Gaddafi mosque is a great destination that is strategically located hence providing beautiful views from all corners while in Kampala, designed in magnificent architectural structures which makes it a must-visit destination offering great experiences while on your safari tour in Kampala city. 

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