Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park located in northern Uganda is a 3,840 km2 wide space of geographic area coverage of pure luxury that takes a big share of tourists on tour into Uganda. Murchison Falls National park sits on the floor of the Albertine rift with Lake Albert that spreads into DR Congo forming her western ends. Murchison Falls national park touches into Buliisa, Masindi and Kiryandongo in the south, Nwoya district in the east and Pakwach district in the north.

Murchison Falls National Park

The Victoria Nile on her way from Lake Victoria to Mediterranean Sea bisects the park from east to west and is the blood vessel for most of the wildlife species resident in Murchison Falls’ wilderness. Before the exact spot of “Murchison Falls”, the Nile is an offensive roaring giant that sweeps aside everything on its path but surrenders all its youthfulness after tumbling 70m deep of hard rock through an 8m narrow gap; the devil’s cauldron.

Here is the real magic of the Nile and the exact spot where Murchison Falls National Park derives her name. From then onwards, the Nile staggers on forming unique landforms and land features but more than anything else is a comfortable home for wildlife species. The Murchison Falls conservancy has a very rich diversity in vegetation and plant species. Budongo rainforest covers wide areas of the southern ends before generating into woodlands, bush and the savannas. On the edges of the Nile and Lake Albert, swamp and wetland vegetation are dominant vegetation species. The lush vegetation and its natural setting is so captivating and inviting. Travelers on safari into Uganda get the temptation to make adventurous safaris, explore it and make personal discoveries of what lies underneath.

The Murchison Falls National Park is home to more than 75 mammal species, in excess of 450 beautiful bird species, reptiles, colorful insects, fish and other wildlife species. The Murchison Falls is not merely a destination but a dream blessed by nature in abundance. Safaris to Uganda in Murchison Falls offer adventure opportunities in unimaginable proportions. Travelers descend on the rift on game viewing safaris and wander into the beautiful grasslands that seem to stretch into the skies. Close encounters with elephants, buffalos, giraffes, leopards, lions, hippos, jackals, hyenas, waterbucks, Jackson’s hartebeests, Uganda kobs, oribi, crocodiles and many others is an everyday occurrence. What makes news is actually how long and how the wildlife species reacted during your interaction. The opportunity to spot the many wildlife species in large populations and the ample time to interact with them on game viewing safaris in Uganda, is what makes Murchison Falls National Park many travelers’ ideal travel destination.

Boat cruise on the Nile is an opportunity to explore the aquatic wildlife species and discover their hidden corners inaccessible in no other ways. The 3-hour boat cruise to the Murchison Falls is an opportunity to observe the falls from a bottom angle while boat cruise to Lake Albert in the opposite direction is an opportunity to spot rare bird species. Whichever direction the travelers opt for, the boat cruise on the Nile is the only one of its kind that brings travelers very close to yawning hippos and large crocodiles sunbathing by the shores of the water. The scheduled afternoon boat cruises coincide with heat of the day when mammals assemble at watering holes. The boat cruise is an opportunity for travelers on tour of Uganda to forget the noise and stress of urban life. Travelers drown in a serene and ambient wilderness to explore nature in an ideal way that harmonizes body, soul and mind.

The lush vegetation of Murchison falls is habitat to a variety of bird species. Beautiful and rare bird species inhabit the vast Budongo rainforest, the open grassland is an arena for host of grassland bird species while rare water bird species are easy to spot in swamps, wetland vegetation and the shores of water bodies. Murchison Falls National Park is an Important Birding Area in Uganda and an ideal destination for bird watching safaris.

The Budongo rainforest is host to forest mammal species; forest elephants, forest buffalos, duikers, bush pigs, giant forest hogs and many other mammal species. Travelers on adventure into Budongo rainforest encounter many primate species, but interacting with families of chimpanzees creates exciting everlasting memories in the minds of the visitors. Visitors on chimpanzee tracking expeditions in Budongo rainforest wander into the vast wilderness following fresh signs of chimpanzee presence.

Murchison falls national park has eye-catching scenic landforms and land features and travelers on Uganda safari feel the temptation to wander into and explore the wilderness. The travelers on tour into Uganda feel compelled to walk into the tranquility of the wilderness full to the brim with beautiful sceneries of undulating landscapes, the savannas and large wildlife presence to discover the beauty of nature at their own pace. Murchison falls is a postcard an African safari destination and top spot for photography and film industry.

Hot air balloon safari is a popular way of adventuring and exploring the virgin spots of Murchison falls national park for travelers with extra doses of zeal and adrenaline. The adventurers have an advantage of wandering into secret pockets in the wilderness that may not be possible to explore in other ways besides getting a bird’s view of the vast Albertine rift.

Travelers in need exploring the wilderness wholesale opt for bush camping experiences. Camping sites are located in particular spots with high opportunities of sighting and interacting with wildlife species. Travelers with hard nerves make special arrangements for wilderness camping where extreme adventurers make their own choice of where to pitch tents. To many travelers who have experienced it, it is one of the best ways to shake off the urban lifestyle and experience nature and wilderness in unimaginable proportions.

Sport fishing in the waters of the Nile at the foot of Murchison falls close to crocodiles and yawning hippos is gaining popularity each passing day with international invitations. Scheduled fishing competitions attract participants from all corners of the world and winners score points on international scale. The spot fishing competition in the wilderness is an arena where like minded business-oriented travelers network and explore new avenues of growth. Travelers can arrange unscheduled sport fishing at their own convenience and explore the wilderness at their own pace.

Murchison falls is average 400 km north of Kampala City. A smooth road network joins dirt road in Masindi town 290 km; is being upgraded now, and then travel 75 km to the park headquarters and tourism zone at Para on the Nile. Here is a ferry is scheduled to cross the Nile, a bridge is under construction now. The longer smooth road crosses the Nile at Karuma Bridge and accesses the park at 3 entry points.

Chobe gate is 2km from Karuma Bridge, Wangkwar gate is a further 40 km ahead on Arua road; turn off at Purongo trading center, while Tangi gate is a further 60 km towards Pakwach town. All park entry spots have a visible signage detailing the distance ahead. The Wangkwar, Chobe and Tangi gates are ideal entrance points for travelers coming from Kidepo Valley, South Sudan, DR Congo, northern and eastern Uganda. Travelers coming from western Uganda; Kibale National Park access Murchison falls through Hoima town and drive on 130km on dirt road; being upgraded through Buliisa town and Bugungu gate. There are two airfields at Bugungu; south of the Nile and Pakuba, north of the Nile for light aircrafts.

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