Want to go on Rwanda safaris? Situated in East Central Africa, Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African continent. First to its attractions are the mountain gorillas, a rare critically endangered species of the great apes that stays within the perimeter of Volcanoes National Park. Second to its attractions are the landscapes. The various landscapes in this small green country are truly breathtaking. Many tourists who have gone on Safaris to Rwanda before have reflected on the country's physical beauty and claimed it among the best in Africa. Rwanda has five of the 8 Virunga massif and these include; Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga and Mount Sabyinyo. These mountains offer one of the best mountaineering challenges in the East African region. Rwanda does not have so much offer in terms of tourism but the few of its activities are worth your endeavors. The Rwanda tourism industry isn't diverse enough. Gorilla tourism (gorilla trekking) is the best safari activity the country has to offer and accounts for over $90% of the Rwanda's annual trips. Allow us introduce you to Rwanda with our Rwanda safari holiday packages. We are one of the most affordable Rwanda tours and travel operators you will come across. See some of our Rwanda safari packages below.

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