Uganda Safari in June

Uganda safari in June will highlight all the safari experiences you have ever had in Africa. June is one of the months of the dry seasons in Uganda, especially in the southern part of the country; however, the north received some rain during the month of June. When you are in Uganda, there are a lot of activities you can enjoy during any safari, including game viewing in the national parks such as Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park, and Murchison falls national park, especially the national parks found in the southern part of Uganda. 

Uganda Safari in June

Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi impenetrable national park is also at its best during the month of June; however, you have to understand that June lies within the peak tourist season of Uganda and all the services and permits are expensive due to the competition from the high tourist inflows to Uganda for safaris. Therefore, the best thing to do in order to avoid the chaos and inconveniences of the peak season, you should book for your gorilla trekking permits in advance.

A Uganda tour in June is fantastic, credit goes back to the weather of the dry season; June marks the beginning of the long dry season in Uganda. However, you should have in mind that being the beginning month of the dry season after a wet season of March to May, there will still be a beat of the beauty from the rainy season, such as the lush landscapes and the verdant forests. Landscape appearance of the different national parks in Uganda; make you such a beautiful month for both game viewing and photography or scenic viewing in the magical wild places of the pearl of Africa.

The weather of June in Uganda

One thing you have to know is, June is the ending month of the wet season and the starting month of the long dry season in Uganda. Therefore, all the roads and tracks are passable making accessibility a “check” for almost all the Ugandan national parks. The accessibility of the roads in the national parks in Uganda removes all the limits and offers you a chance to find and discover all the nature’s best-kept secrets of the pearl of Africa. June is the month for you to enjoy the tapestry of the lush landscapes in the wild places of the pearl of Africa, the excellent selection of wildlife for you to enjoy watching, the hospitality from the cheerful locals, with the other entire interesting thing packed in bundles for your Uganda safari in June.

Your best safari experience lies in the dry season, and June being among the month of the dry season, it the best time to travel to Uganda. June is characterized by warm temperatures with clear blue skies. The weather condition of June makes it ideal for a lot of activities such as mountain gorilla trekking, game viewing, birding safaris among others. Alternatively, the afternoons during June are pleasant for you to spend some time and enjoy leisure at the poolside of your safari lodge. Despite, the dry conditions of June, you should expect the afternoon drizzles; however, they cannot mess with your activities. Besides, most of your days in June are going to be sunny and dry all through the month and drier towards the end of the month.

The month of June is definitely the time for you to enjoy any safari in Uganda. It is actually the most appropriate time for you to enjoy mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. Bwindi impenetrable national park holds about half of the world’s mountain gorilla population in the thick montane tropical rain forest. Actually mountain gorilla trekking is one of the major highlights for almost all the Ugandan safaris and East Africa at large. Perhaps, the “endangered status of the mountain gorilla” makes a lot of tourists to flood in Bwindi impenetrable national park during the month of June, in order to enjoy these amazing creatures before the actual disappearance of the mountain gorillas from the face of the world.

Therefore, if you are to visit Uganda in June, make sure to book your mountain gorilla trekking in advance. To note, the mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are sold at just USD700 and only sold by the Uganda wildlife authority of the country, therefore, for you to acquire your mountain gorilla trekking permit in bwindi impenetrable national park with ease, it is better you use the help of your trusted tour operator to acquire yourself a permits in order to avoid disappointments on the last day of actual mountain gorilla trekking. But also remember you cannot trust everybody with the advance payment policy, so be sure of the person you are dealing with to get your mountain gorilla permit; it is best if you book for your mountain gorilla trekking permit about 3 months before the actual day of trekking.

It is not just the mountain gorilla permits you have to worry about if you are planning to visit Uganda in June or any other month of the peak season, it is good to book everything in advance. Even though there might not be a lot of people going for mountain gorilla trekking, there might be a lot of people going for chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park. Therefore it is also ideal if you book for your chimpanzee trekking permit in advance for about USD150 in kibale national park. You also have to be sure of the lodge where to stay before boarding the flight to Uganda, meaning, you should book for accommodation in advance, especially safari accommodation. Most of the boutique safari lodges in different national parks in Uganda tend to fill up early and fast during the peak season, June inclusive. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconveniences during your Uganda safari in June, it is good to secure your space in the safari lodge of your choice, by advance booking for it about 2 months before you come to Uganda.

Uganda Safari in June
Uganda Safari in June – Gorilla Tours Are so suitable during this time

What to know for your Uganda safari in June

There are a few key things you have to know for your Uganda safari in June including the following;

  • June is a dry month and the temperatures are somehow high in the southern part of Uganda; however, it is rainy in the northern part of the country.
  • Despite the dry conditions of the month, expect some little rain in June, being the end of the first rain peak in Uganda.
  • Remember to book your gorilla trekking permit and chimpanzee trekking permit in advance. It is also good if you book your safari accommodation in advance since June is the beginning of the peak tourism season in Uganda.
  • Remember to use a trusted tour operator when booking for gorilla trekking permits in Uganda and other countries in east Africa.
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