Don’t see a safari package you like above? We can tailor it for you. All you have to do is get in touch and we shall craft a tailor-made safari package for you. The tour packages above are based on budget, mid-range and luxury experiences. Most of them highlight the best safari destinations in Uganda. Your budget will determine the choice of accommodation and service. There so many great reasons to visit Uganda. There is so much to see here as well and there is so much to experience. Only money and time will limit you. Want to know some of the good reasons to visit Uganda? Read below.

Why go on Uganda tours?

Uganda is a great spot for wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, excursions, mountaineering, birding and honeymoon experiences. Your biggest surprise will be meeting the gorillas. It is a lifetime experience but quite challenging. You will trek through muddy paths and get lost in the jungle as you search for these primates in their natural habitat. The one hour you are given is a truly magical moment. Mountain Gorillas share over 98% of human DNA and do not differ much from humans in terms of character, traits and more. Some are humble, some are ambitious and hungry for power, some feel powerful by snatching females from other groups where as some prefer to stay out of trouble always. When planning your Uganda safaris, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park are destinations that should not miss in your package. Visit at least one or all of these places for an awesome experience.

What to see in Uganda

Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas are big highlights in Uganda. Uganda shelters various West African mammal species and East African safari animals. As for primates, red-tailed monkeys, Patas monkey, De Brazza’s monkey, grey-cheeked mangabeys and l’Hoest’s monkeys are just some of the primates found in Uganda. These primate are distributed across various regions with most of them living in Kibale Forest National Park. The black-and-white colobus is of the most common primates that are widespread across so many regions in the country. Uganda is also home to a couple of antelope species. The special Uganda Kob, a national antelope, is restricted to a certain places. The much rare sitatunga antelope spans across six of the country’s national parks but is rarely seen. Oribi’s are a much common sight in Murchison Falls National Park.

When to visit

The best time to visit Uganda is December to February and June to September. Those are the two dry seasons of the year. Animals can easily be seen in huge numbers during such months and mostly at the water-banks where they hydrate from. This is not the case with wet months where animals tend to take shelter from the rain and can easily access water from their respective habitats. Roads are also quite muddy during wet months and cars often get stuck, which might cause delays in service.

Travelling during wet months is also okay and if lucky, you can finish your trip without seeing a single drop of rainfall. Even if it rains, your day is not fully messed. The sun can come out, dry the soil and your day gets back to normal.

Why make us your Uganda safari company

We have served a great deal of clients in quite a satisfactory way. Our reviews on TripAdvisor and can tell it all. Despite offering one of the most affordable safari packages in East Africa, our safari standards are not affected by our price ratio. We believe in comfort and emphasize it often on all our trips. Our partner Uganda safari lodges have very comfortable facilities that we get at low discount rates. Let us introduce you to this magical pearl of Africa. Request for a quote now.