Sipi Falls Uganda; Safaris into Uganda are not solely about wildlife; herds of mammals, birds, forests, the beautiful savannas and other wildlife resources. Rather Uganda is a country generously blessed with beauty in abundance. Travel to Sipi Falls in the foothills of Mt Elgon is a true testimony of Uganda as safari destination with surprising sightings in all measures. Sipi Falls is located in Kapchorwa district average 280km, 5-hour’s drive east of Kampala city. The name Sipi comes from “sep” an indigenous banana-like plant that flourishes and is common on the edges of the River Sipi. Sep is a medicinal plant that indigenous people harvest along the edges of the river used to treat malarial fevers and measles ailments. The Sipi Falls is actually a series of three waterfalls flowing downstream the foothills of Mt Elgon. The hike to the falls is an experience of lifetime that offers magnificent views of different beautiful land features; the Mt Elgon, eye-catching Karamoja plains in the foothills of the mountain, the Lake Kyoga and the Sipi falls itself.

Sipi Falls

Hiking to the Sipi falls is a combination of several exciting activities; scenic viewing, nature walking, cultural experiences, some rock climbing experiences and wildlife viewing all rolled up into adventure. Sasa circuit starting close to the road to Kapchorwa town near Sipi Lodge is the most popular trail for hiking to the falls. Taking a resident guides on the hike is mandatory because they have high experiences of the terrain, knowledge of the communities and the wildlife. The guides share wonderful information and make the hiking expedition an unforgettable experience. The hike, needing small levels of body fitness, traverses montane forest, wanders through a series of steep slopes and crop plantations before ascending onto the falls. The descent is not a cup of coffee either as some sections of slopes are slippery, rocky and tricky to maneuver through and more challenging in rainy season. Sipi falls are in leeward side of Mt Elgon where it showers at will. To most excited hikers these are not challenges, but rather bonus to Uganda tour adventure experiences. It is possible to travel in vehicle, cover a commendable distance and walk the rest for the visitors with health challenges.

Abseiling very steep cliff to the bottom of the falls is a preserve for the daredevils seeking unique ways of experiencing life beyond the ordinary and taking control of their adventure adrenalin. The descent 110m of cliff hanging on the slopes of Mt Elgon and threatening to give way on ropes tightened on the waist takes the breath away and a no-go area for the fainthearted. Abseiling the Sipi falls is for the stone hearted and a live test of valor. Abseiling is an exhilarating Uganda tour activity in no way comparable to others and no mean achievement to the few travelers who have passed it. Abseiling lasts on travelers’ minds forever.

Sipi falls is located along Kampala to Kidepo valley national park through Mbale, Sironko, Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong a 740 km road travel lasting 12 hours. It is an ideal spot strategically located to break the long road travel and explore more of Uganda’s God-given gifts of nature.

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