Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge

Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge is a mid-range accommodation found  in the heart of Tarangire national park on the south side of tarangire river in Tanzania. The lodge is situated in area famous for its large herds of elephants and high density of baobab trees hence the name “ndovu” in Kiswahili which means elephants. The lodge   covers the total areas of 1,100 square miles.  One can be at the lodge by road   transport from Arusha city which takes approximately 2-3 hour drive (180km)  to the park and  50 minutes flying from arusha to a close  kuro airstrip then 30 minutes  to drive from airstrip to the lodge.   The lodge is affordable and convenient to visitors visiting the park with its panoramic views of  Tarangire river , tarangire plains,  wildlife visiting the lodge like elephant  and surrounding area.  The lodge is under Nasikia camps and lodges that have best accommodations in different parks of Tanzania. 

Tarangire Ndovu Tented Lodge

Tarangire Ndovu Tented  lodge consist of  12  elegant and  comfortable  permanent tents that are harmony  built in traditional African  style with  grass thatched roofs and local woods in  a cozy environment with  modern comfort.  Rooms are well decorated, elevated  and furnished with private en suite facilities  like flushing toilets,  hot and cold showers , mosquito nets,   towel  toiletries,  private wooden  balconies, verandas and sitting areas ,you relax while  overlooking  the stunning view  over the plain and baobab trees in a distance,  tarangire river in a distance and surrounding area .  Rooms are un parallel and  well  equipped  with  Satellite , flat screen TVs,  extinguishers  ,comfortable  clean and washed  beddings containing queen and king  beds with wooden ceiling fans.  There are campfires at the lodge that provides warmth to visitors during the night.   Room are in different categories and sizes; single  , double ,twin and triple/family rooms .  Room Range cost is at 200$ per night and above , sometimes rate goes  slightly high during  high /peak season than in Low season.

Tarangire  Ndovu  tented lodge  offers more services and facilities  which include;  A  restaurant that serves  different  meals both international and  African- inspired  meals that meets  guests choice ; barbecue breakfast in bush , picnic lunch and  dinner in the main building facing the lake served by well trained, friendly  and organized staff ,they also serve bush diners , A well  stocked  bar/lounge with  variety of drinks , local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beer,  A blue water swimming pool that cools off the hot afternoon in tarangire , you relax in water   and sip the cocktail or monk tail  while overlooking  the spectacular view  over the plain and baobab tree in distance,  wildlife especially elephants drink water  at  tarangire river   and   the surrounding area ,  Free parking space available,  camping at the lodge available ,offers airport pick -ups and drop-offs,  Laundry services available , WIFI available at the lodge that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends,  Business centers  with meeting places   and honey moon package etc.  camping available ,  offers hot air ballooning  , Excellent and comfortable clean beddings,  Craft shop available at the hotel with more African style gifts like shoes,  safari essentials ,safari  books  mention but few.

Tarangire national park is considered to be the sixth largest park in Tanzania country found in south east of  Manyara national park in the Northern part of Tanzania. The name of the park comes from Tarangire river that crosses the park and the river is the only source of fresh waters for animals in Tarangire eco system.   It occupies the total area of 2,850 KM squared and its 150Km from Arusha. The park is small with twenty six mammal, famous with large herd of big five animals like; Buffaloes , elephants, zebras, enlands,  Rhinos  Impalas ,antelopes, mention but a few   and 500 bird species like; yellow necked , helmeted,  barbet,  starling ,swift ,stripped swallows etc. The park has different categories of accommodation like;   Budget,   Mid range   and   luxury accommodation that  are convenient and affordable to guests visitors visiting  tarangire national park.  There are more different  activities to do while in the Park which include;  Game viewing, you spot different animals in the park   , Visiting Tarangire River , Cultural visits in the local village,  Camping , Bird watching/Birding since the park has more bird species ,Boat trip at  Tarangire river ,  sightseeing trips , hot air balloon riding in tarangire park etc.  its 60 $ to enter the park .Dry season is the best period to visit  tarangire national park as animals are migrating in June- September hence giving a chance to see some of the animals.

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