Lake Side Hotel – Bukavu

Lake Side Hotel is a mid-range accommodation (4 stars) found on the shores of lake Kivu just 6 km from the centre of Bukavu town and 4km from the south of Kivu parliament in the Democratic republic of congo. It takes approximately 25 to 30  minutes to drive from the Rusizi border side of Nyungwe in Rwanda (while enjoying the wonderful views of the hills in Rwanda and tropical forest )  to Bukavu congo.  While Bukavu to Goma it’s a boat trip  on Lake Kivu . The hotel is the best and convenient place to rest in for guests visiting  Bukavu and kahuzi biega national park for lowland gorilla trekking and a spectacular view of lake Kivu and surrounding areas . 

Lake Side Hotel

Lake side  hotel-bukavu  contains 10 beautiful and  elegant rooms  all with the lake view  that reflects modern  building style with  a modern comfort.  Rooms  are well decorated , furnished and  equipped with  private suite facilities which include ;  flushing toilets ,  Mosquito nets , air conditioning , hot  and cold running showers/bathtubs  , driers , satelites,  flat screen TV’s  mention but a few  . Rooms have  verandas , terraces,  sitting areas and private  balconies with a cozy atmosphere , you relax while overlooking the breathtaking  views of  lake kivu  and surrounding areas . The  hotel  have  excellent  rooms  with  washed clean  beddings containing both king and queen sized beds .  Rooms   are in different categories;  single ,double ,twins  and triple rooms.   Some rooms  have  fireplaces  that provides warmth to clients during nights.  Rooms   cost 250$ and above per night and during peak season the rate goes slightly high.

Lake side  hotel bukavu  has  different  facilities and services  which include;  A  well-stocked  bar with both soft and hard drinks like; soda, beers, wines etc  , A restaurant that serves delicious  meals  both local and international  that meets guests choice ; Breakfast while facing the lake , lunch , dinners both indoor and outdoor dinners  , a swimming  pool  that cools off the hot afternoon, you relax in water  and sip the cocktail  while enjoying the beautiful view of  lake Kivu  and  surrounding area  , the hotel  offers  laundry services,  solar energy available  , Fire places that provides warmth ,   Wifi  internet available at the lodge that enables   guests to keep in contact with their families and friends,  walking night  safaris , Ample parking space,  airport  pickups and drop offs,   Spacious and comfortable  rooms with king and queen sized beds ,  Healthy and fitness center with gyms, massage , sauna , business center also available at the hotel with meeting places,  honey moon package , Gift shop also available with African gift  like ; clothes, shoes  , guide essential and many more.

Bukavu  is  the capital city of south kivu province  situated on the Eastern  side of Democratic republic of congo  lying  at the extreme end in the south-western area of  lake Kivu and  Cyangungu in the west of Rwanda  separated by  River Ruzizi outlets. Democratic republic of congo is a small land locked country positioned in central africa with its great kinshasha capital city.  You can be in congo either by  Road  or air transport . Democratic republic of congo is considered to be the richest country in the world regarding on the natural resources  ; its raw material deposits its worth it which include; copper , diamond, gold, etc.

Lake Side Hotel
Lake Side Hotel

There are many things to do(activities) while in congo  which include ; Visiting the city life  of all the capitals ; Goma and Kinshasha, Visiting different national parks in congo especially the popular ones like ; Virunga national park  famous  for endangered mountain gorillas that encourages gorilla trekking,  Kahuzi biega national park with low land gorillas , hiking/climbing  mount Nyiragongo volcanoes,   Bird watching,  Visiting the rain forest and see the unique wildlife,  Visiting the historical sites and many attractions.  The best time to be in Democratic republic of congo is from june, july, august, January and February. some areas in Congo have increased risks of not to travel to especially North Kivu and  Ituli province due to crimes, Ebola, and kidnapping. congo has more than 200 tribes and 4 are the main largest tribes which include Mongo, Luba, Kongo, and Mang-betu Azonde.  The majority of the  Congolese speak thesame language Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili, and French. Bukavu has different hotels to stay in  budget , mid range  and luxury accommodations  which are friendly  and convenient to each visitor staying in the place.

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