Coffee Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Coffee Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park are one of the top tourist activities in the park as it is surrounded my coffee farmers. Coffee tours are among the spectacular life experiences one can get to have during their African Safari. Coffee plantations are covering most regions of Uganda such as the north, east and west part of Uganda. In the west, travelers can have coffee tours when they make a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park. During these fascinating tours, you get to learn how the whole process of growing coffee seeds is done, the production stages until its final stage or the market stage.

Coffee Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is situated in the western part of Uganda and one of the famously visited national park because of its splendid landscape and a rich bio-diversity filled with a great number of wildlife and natural sites such as the crater lakes, the savannah grassland, and the tropic forest. Tourists can view the flora and fauna during game drives and in the aerial view of the park using the chartered planes in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The coffee plantation within Queen Elizabeth National Park is operated under a cooperative known as Omwani Women’s Cooperative. Omwani Women’s Cooperative is a group of mature women that dedicate their lives to improve the living standards of the families and communities they come from by working on the production of organic Arabic coffee beans. These women grow the coffee on the fertile soils without adding any bio-chemicals or fertilizers and this is because the lands can support this exceptional natural farming method. More than 1500 trees of Arabic coffee and Robusta coffee plants can be found in the region.

It is therefore a pretty good idea to visit the Omwani women once you are on your safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park to have a sample of this coffee planted by these women in the area. The processes of making coffee are done manually and they involve stages of production like growing, harvesting, sorting, drying, cleaning, secondary sorting, roasting up to the packing stage. Omwani Women’s Cooperative members are good at producing coffee of a good quality that is needed at the global level all year around. The weather has favored good production because the area experiences two seasons of rainfall and a cool climate that influences the good growth of coffee in the region.

The coffee plantation was established to maintain and teach the women in the communities around Queen Elizabeth National Park the skills such as teaching them the production stages of coffee until the packing point and getting it onto the market and start earning from them since most of them are uneducated and have faced challenges such as family conflicts that have lowered their standards of living.

The coffee plantations are always open to tour around and feel the coffee plants, starting from the nursery beds where the seeds are first laid so that they are well taken care of before being transferred to the main section of the gardens. 

Best time to visit for coffee tours

The coffee plantations can be toured at any time of the season since the coffee plants will stay standing throughout the seasons as farmers harvest from them. Mainly visitors that come to Queen Elizabeth National Park for their safari very much have the opportunity to visit the plantations in order to have an extensive tour of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Other attractions you will find in Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Kyambura Game Reserve: Kyambura Game Reserve is regarded as a stunning section of Queen Elizabeth National Park because it is home to the endangered chimpanzees. The chimpanzees found in these areas are habituated and they can be visited once you decide to tour Queen Elizabeth National Park. River Kyambura streams through the Kyambura gorge making it a favorable place for the wildlife to survive the dry seasons. The Kyambura Gorge is drained by River Kyambura, a river that connects to the Kazinga Channel in the western part of Uganda.
  • The crater lakes: Queen Elizabeth National Park has a number of spectacular volcanic features which include volcanic cones, crater lakes, deep craters that visitors can view and get to experience the waters in these crater lakes found within the park.
  • Kazinga channel: Kazinga channel is found in the Mweya sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park and connects Lake George and Lake Albert. The channel is a pretty good spot for wildlife view because of the wildlife you will get to see in the area such as the hippos, crocodiles, and birds flying over Kazinga Channel.
  • Wildlife: Queen Elizabeth National Park consists of spectacular wildlife that will blow your mind starting with the tree-climbing lions that live in the Ishasha sector with features like the Ishasha river, then the primates such as the chimpanzees that you will find in Kyambura Game Reserve and the baboons, white and black colobus monkeys, buffalos, then you will get to view a great number of bird species and the butterfly species that live in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Flora and Fauna: Queen Elizabeth National Park is filled with numerous vegetation zones that include the savannah grasslands, acacia trees, swamp vegetations, the tropic forests plus the lush grasslands that has enabled beautify the landscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lands have favored the growth of wildlife in the region making Queen Elizabeth National Park a fascinating spot to visit by the tourists.

Accessing Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park can be accessed through air and road transport. By road, it is very easy to access because most of the road network is within the proximity of Queen Elizabeth National Park. the park is about 410 kilometers from Kampala the capital of Uganda and 49 kilometers from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala and using the road is quite tiresome but worthy. For those that prefer using air transport, charter planes are available for booking at Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airstrip that operates domestic flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Coffee Tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park
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Queen Elizabeth National Park is surrounded by a great number of accommodation facilities that feature numerous amenities to the guests basing on their classes or categories. Most of these accommodation facilities range from luxury, mid-range, and budget or basic facilities, regardless of what you choose, you will still get the best out of your stay at these places because they base their services on client satisfaction.

Some of the accommodation facilities you will find when you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park include; River Ishasha Safari Camp, Pumba Safari Cottages, African Safaris, Simba Safari Camp, White House Hotel, Kasenyi Safari Camp, Enganzi Lodge, Park View Lodge, Engiri game lodge and campsite, Buffalo safari lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge and Elephant Plains Lodge among others.


Coffee tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park are among the fascinating experiences you can get when you visit the park. By visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park’s coffee plantations you are giving a helping hand in changing the lives of people in the communities by supporting their work.

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