Uganda Safari Clothes

Uganda Safari Clothes are all the attires you should carry in order to play along with all the tourism service providers of the pearl of Africa to make your safari experience a delight and unforgettable. It actually happens to be a win-win for you and the service providers with in Uganda. A lot of travellers to Uganda perhaps do not pay a lot of attention when it comes to what they should carry for a Uganda safari. Perhaps, it’s because of the stereotypes about Africa whether being hot and bearable. However, it is wiser if you could just take some time and look into the information about the country you are going to or planning to visit the next time. Different places in the world experience different climate conditions with varying factors causing a specific climatic change.  Therefore, it ideal if you can take some time and understand the type of clothes you need to wear for a certain safari to Uganda.

Uganda Safari Clothes

The safari clothes you pack or any destination is such a great part of the experience you will get after the long trip from home to the wilderness anywhere in the world. There is a number of reason that makes the Uganda safari clothes such a major part of your Uganda safari anywhere in the pearl, for example, the part of the country, the destination you want to visit for a Uganda safari, the time of the year you are planning to visit the pearl of Africa, and the main activity for your travel to the pearl of Africa among others.

Uganda safari clothes basing on the part of the country

Uganda safari clothes can be determined to base on the part of Uganda you intend to visit for a Uganda safari. The hotness or the coldness of the part you are visiting in Uganda calls for a specific pair of clothes to wear for that Uganda safari, for example, if you are visiting northern Uganda it is good to carry light clothes, however, if you are taking on a Ugandan safari to the hilly western region like mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park it is good that you carry some heavy clothes to cope up with the coldness in the area. To note; There are a number of factors to make the weather drastically change from one region to another, such as the closeness to the equator and the topography of the area or landscape.

Uganda is a unique and blessed country with quite unique climatic conditions, unlike the other parts of the world away from Africa. Despite the fact that the general climatic condition of Uganda, and its neighboring East African countries, is a tropical climate in general, but it is quite different when you actually understand what is actually on the ground. Different parts of Uganda have different weather conditions, for example, if you are planning a Uganda safari to northern Uganda, then the weather there is somehow warmer compared to the western part of Uganda. If you are taking a trip to areas such as Murchison falls national park for the game drives, Nile boat cruise among others, then you should know that the weather in Murchison falls national park is warmer during the day about 28 °C. However the night time it might get a little cooler, but it is bearable for the travellers from colder parts of the world such as Europe.

Uganda safari clothes basing on the destination

Different national parks and tourist destinations require varying dress codes and specific clothes depending on a number of reasons, such as the vegetation cover, the weather of the place, to mention but a few. For example, if you are planning to take on Ugandan safari to Kibale national park such as chimpanzee trekking in the thick forest. You should know that Kibale national park is a thick tropical rain forest with thickets underneath the tall tree canopies. When trekking for the chimpanzees in Kibale national park will take you to really closed tracks with tall grass and thicket. Therefore, long sleeved shirts are appropriate to prevent your skin from scratches from the thick undergrowth in Kibale forest; the same applies to Bwindi impenetrable national park.

However, when you visit Queen Elizabeth national park for game drives, you can choose to carry your light sleeveless tops, shirts, and vests. However, remember to carry an insect repellant to avoid insect bites such as tsetse flies. For game drives in Murchison falls national park and lake Mburo national park, it’s okay to put on light clothes because it is also warm during the day and cooler in the evening.

Uganda safari clothes basing on activities

 Also the activities you intend to do during a Ugandan safari determine the type of clothes for you to carry to the wilderness. Some activities are done in the thick forest of Uganda and long sleeved shirts, rubber boots, and long trousers are suitable for such activates. For example, if you are traveling to Uganda for primates safaris such as chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, Budongo forest, Kaniyo pabidi forest, Kyambura gorge and mountain gorilla trekking in mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park, it is good for you to understand that tropical rain forests have thick undergrowth and slippery ground. 

Mountain gorilla trekking, especially, requires you to carry thick clothes, rubber boots, hats, and long trousers among others. Bwindi impenetrable national park is composed of thick undergrowth, slippery terrain, and the moisture from the tree canopies can make you wet especially during the morning hours, so it is good to move with a raincoat. To note; the primates are really sensitive animals, so, remember to wear camouflaging clothes to blend in with the natural environment in the forest like natural green, khaki brown, grey and army green among other dull colors.

Uganda safari clothes depending on the time of the year

If you are traveling to Uganda during the wet season, in the months of March, April, May, and November, it is good that you understand the type of clothes to wear for the safaris during the safaris in the wet season. The wet season in Uganda is characterized by heavy rains and really cold evenings and nights. Therefore if you are planning to visit Uganda during the wet season, remember to carry thick clothes like sweaters and jackets, especially if you are visiting Bwindi impenetrable national park and Kibale national park of primate safaris. Also, wear rubber boots to help you keep up the pace while trekking for chimpanzees in Kibale National Park and Bwindi impenetrable national park gorilla trekking among others.

Uganda Safari Clothes
Uganda Safari Clothes

To note, your travel agent or tour operator should be in a position to email you all the details to help you enjoy your stay in Uganda. For example, your travel agent should be in place to explain for you the best season you should visit Uganda for a certain safari. However, when you visit Uganda without enough knowledge about the country, feel free to visit any tourism website for Uganda and inquire for any information.

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