Uganda Safari Game Drive

Uganda safari game drive is one of the major activities which are enjoyed by a lot of travellers who take a chance to visit the wide-open savannahs of the west such as Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo national park, and Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeastern part of Uganda; these are the major destinations for the reach wildlife game drives mainly because of the wildlife richness that shelters there. However, there are other places where you can go to supplement your game drive safaris in Uganda; these include game reserves, wildlife sanctuaries such as Ziwa rhino sanctuary, et cetera.

Uganda Safari Game Drive

 The Uganda safari game drives are conducted early in the morning when the animals are coming out of thee nests, and later in the afternoon when they are going back to their hideouts. A game drive in the pearl of Africa adds a lot to a classic African safari.  The word game drive is the full definition of what this activity entails. The visitors are transported and taken around the national park enjoying the different animals they find as the safari guide explains the different game animals and their distinctive behaviours and way of living. There is not another activity that can replace the game drives in the national parks of Uganda. The game drive safari of Uganda is the best way you can discover the different animals with in the wild. The game drive is a chance for you to enjoy the wild game viewing within a short distance and in their natural environment thus providing the best platform to learn about the real behaviours of the wild animals dwelling in the different national parks in Uganda.

Where to go for the Uganda safari game drive

A wide range of wild animals are found in the savannah plain of Uganda where the national parks are located. In fact, the game drive is what it is if at all is done in one of the savannahs of Uganda such as the national parks in the west and kidepo in the east. The Uganda national parks are naturally endowed with an arrangement of ecosystems which hold a wide range of wildlife in different distinctive kinds such as birds, mammals, primates, wild cats, reptiles, amphibians among others.

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the major national parks in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the western part of Uganda covering up districts like kasese and others. Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park in Uganda, next to Murchison falls national park; it is the most visited national park in Uganda basing on the guest reviews from trip advisor among others. Perhaps, it is the exhilarating time of the game drive which makes Queen Elizabeth national park one of the most interesting national parks for your African safari in the pearl.

The game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park are conducted anywhere within the park perimeter. Kasenyi plains are one of the best spots for game viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park. Kasenyi plains are accessible through the different tracks from the main gate entrance to the mweya peninsular and kasenyi plains. Kasenyi plains are dominated with a wide arrangement of undulating land scape covered with vast open savannah grassland. The grass in kasenyi plains dries up during the dry season, the peak safari season, which makes it easy to view animals such as the lions, common in the area, buffaloes, Uganda kobs, leopards, hyenas among others.

The other areas in Queen Elizabeth where the game drive safaris are conducted include the north kazinga plains and the ishasha sector in the south, famous for the strange tree-climbing lions. the game drive in queen Elizabeth national park offers a great chance for you to enjoy the tree climbing lions in ishasha sector within the southern part of the park, enjoy the baboons that love to get close to the tourist vehicles looking for what to steal, it good to close the car wind glasses when you see the baboons because they can sometimes be aggressive and violet especially for foodstuffs. The game drive is also a chance for you to enjoy the land scape in Queen Elizabeth national park, watch elephants breaking down trees, rodents such as mongooses and a number of grassland bird species among others.

The best time for the game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park is the early morning, it is when the animals are coming out of their nests and shelters plus hideouts to look for morning meals or breakfast. However, you can also enjoy the evening game drive safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, this is the time when the animals are going back to there nests or new nests and hideouts before the dark falls, however, it is the time when you can see the hippos come out of the water to go and graze for the night.

Murchison falls National Park is yet another place for you to go for the Uganda game drive safari. Murchison falls in the biggest national park in Uganda found in the northwestern part of Uganda. Murchison falls national park is where also the great Murchison falls are located, plus the park features part of the world’s longest river, Nile, which separates it into two parts, paara and choke. The main area for game drives in Murchison falls national park is the area around the Albert delta. The game drive within the areas of the Albert delta offers you a great opportunity to see the lions or even wait on as they chase after their prey.

Another place to enjoy game drives in Murchison falls national park include the buligi peninsular OD game track, buligi peninsular is the heart of game drive safaris in Murchison falls national park. Buligi peninsula is a triangular piece of the area within the southern part of Murchison falls national park, paara side. There is also to enjoy for game drives done in buligi peninsular of Murchison falls national park such as elephants, giraffes, warthogs, big and small herds of buffaloes, a number of hippo schools along the riverbank of the Nile. The game drive in buligi peninsula with in Murchison falls national park is the time for you to enjoy the array of beautiful water birds such as the king fishers, African fish eagle, herons and perhaps, you can spot the sought after shoe bill stork, among others.

Lake Mburo national park is another destination for the Uganda game drive safari. Lake Mburo national park is the first national park to reach along the route to the Wild West via the Masaka Mbarara road. Lake Mburo national park is home to quite a unique selection of wild animals. When you visit Lake Mburo national park, the game drive safaris will have you marvel at the buffaloes, zebras, elands, leopards, among others. Grassy hills of Lake Mburo national park harbour a lot of animals including some wild cats such as lions leopards, so it is good to take caution because sometimes thy are camouflaging in the dry grass.

Uganda Safari Game Drive
Uganda Safari Game Drive

Kidepo valley national park is an awesome destination to take a Uganda game drive safari. Kidepo National park, unlike the other major parks, it is found in the far east of Uganda. It is located in the northeastern of Uganda, covering up districts like Soroti and Moroto. Kidepo valley national park is home to the rarest and unique animal species, and some are not found anywhere else in East Africa, for example, the bat-eared fox among others. Kidepo valley national park is home to over 80 species of mammals and other animals that dwell with in the two valleys of Narus and Kidepo such as the birds, baboons among others. A game drive in kidepo valley national park has you enjoying the sights of the Burchell’s zebra, Rothschild giraffes, Uganda kobs, and other birds, among others. 

You can visit Uganda any time of the year to enjoy the best game drive safaris in east Africa with in the pearly destination of the pearl of Africa. Despite, the best season for the game drives in Ugandan national parks is the dry season around December, January and February.

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