Uganda Safari in December

Uganda Safari in December is very interesting especially if you want to enjoy the warmness of Africa as the year winds up during the festivities. December is the time when the rains clear off. This makes December a good month for travelling in Uganda and enjoying the different aspects that make it a pearl of Africa. December is the best time for you to enjoy safaris in both the northern part the country and the south. Despite, if you are planning any activity for your December safari in Uganda, remember that game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park might not be so good. Uganda is a clear country as the suns shine all the year long; however, it is good to take note of the different activities that can be done in the specific seasons of the year and months. Some of the months are characterised with a lot of rain fall, however, the others are sunny with clear skies.

Uganda Safari in December

The time starting with December marks the beginning of the dry season, and the short rains from November are all clear by mid-December. The weather condition that Uganda experiences during December is the reason that makes this time the best time for travel. The clear skies of December make it so easy to enjoy the landscapes, lush vegetation cover and the photogenic sceneries in the free national parks and also accessible during the dry period in December.

The weather condition of Uganda in December

Being the fact that December is the beginning of the dry season, the ground dries up during this time which makes it favourable for mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. also the dryness of the ground makes it easy for chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park, kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo forest and Kaniyo pabidi in Murchison falls national park among others. 

Birding is also at its best during the dry weather of December, you can enjoy seeing the birds in the clear skies of the different birding destination in Uganda, such as kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park, bottom of the falls in Murchison falls national park, bigodi wetland system in Kibale national park, Mabamba swamp in Entebbe, Entebbe botanical gardens among other birding areas in Uganda. The clear skies of December make it easy for you to see all the birds with in the trees, plus, December is the time when a lot of migratory birds from Europe flock Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park, therefore, December offers you a chance to enjoy the migratory birds in Uganda.

The dry weathers make the grass in the savannah plains of Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park to wither and some dry out. This makes it easy for you to see the lions in the tall grass. However, the brown grass only brings sadness to the poor Uganda kobs in Queen Elizabeth national park, as the lions camouflage in the brought grass which makes it easy to prey on the Uganda kobs. Therefore, one of the days during your Uganda safari in December, you can have a chance to see the lions chasing their prey of even find then tearing it apart, among other interesting parts of the game drive in the Queen Elizabeth national park.

The dryness of December is also a good time for you who is visiting Murchison falls national park. The clear skies make it favourable for birding in along the river Nile channel. Also, fortunately, you can sport the shoe bill stock in the swamp suds around the Albert delta in Murchison falls national park. As the trees shade off their leaves in the dry season, December safaris in Uganda become the best time for you to enjoy viewing the giraffes through the tree branches in Murchison falls national park. The dry season also makes the other animals to hang around the water sources, also close to Chobe safari lodge in the northern part of Murchison falls national park.

There might be a lot of interesting things for you to enjoy during December, however, the end of the year is also a peak season for tourism in Uganda. December is the time when domestic tourism is at its highest because a lot of works are on vacation for the festive season. Therefore, there might be a little crowd in the national parks of Uganda and the other recreation places like the beaches along Entebbe road, the parks and other visitor places like the source of the Nile among others. December is the time when the Ugandan families hang out for some holiday fun along beaches in Entebbe and the national parks such as Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park among others.

The business of all tourism entities in Uganda during December makes it really hard to acquire a place on spot in the national park accommodation or even other places for tourists in the country. In this is mean, it is best if you advance book for your Uganda safari in December. This will help you to secure your accommodation in any national you may wish to visit for your end of year vacation in the pearl of Africa.

Uganda Safari in December
Uganda Safari in December in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The climate of Uganda in December

  • The day time in Uganda tends to be hot with the average temperature of about 27 degrees centigrade, at maximum
  • The night time is cooler than the day during the month of December in Uganda. The average minimum temperature at night falls to about 17°C by 5a m, however, as the night matures the temperature gradually fall to about 15 °C. 
  • There is no much rain during December, but Uganda being a tropical country, a drizzle is expected. The precipitation in December is not much with an average of about 99mm, however, it is enough to get you wet, so you should take note and to carry a raincoat for any safaris during December.
  • December also sees a long day due to the brightness of the sun and the clear blue skies. Therefore, the daylight in December stays for an average of 12 hours and 6 minutes all through the month.


The best destinations for you to go for your Uganda safari in December might not be Queen Elizabeth national park. Since December is the aftermath of the wet season of November, therefore, the roads in Queen Elizabeth national park might still be muddy making it hard for game drives. However, by the last week of December, to January and February, Queen Elizabeth national park is the best place to go for the game viewing activities. However, you can visit Queen Elizabeth national park for the Kazinga launch cruise plus also enjoy the finest accommodation in mweya safari lodge for your vacation with a lover or take your honeymoon to park view lodge in the southern part of the park among other interesting lodges.

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