Uganda Safari Experience

Uganda Safari Experience is an amazing tour where a traveler can decide to choose among the many destinations with amazing tourist attractions. Uganda is a renowned tourist destination in East Africa, Africa and the whole world at large. The life changing mountain gorilla trekking in the thick forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park is one of the selling factors for Uganda as a tourist destination. In addition, the ten major national parks situated in the open savannah plains of the pearl of Africa, together with the several game reserves and sanctuaries, make the pearl of Africa, Uganda, a holiday, safari and vacation competitive destination in the entire African continent, as listed by lonely planet. Uganda safari experience is not something to just expect, as it entails a lot of important safari aspects that have to be played in order for you to enjoy your Ugandan safari experience in the pearly plains, cities, towns, and countrysides of the pearl of Africa. 

Uganda Safari Experience

The Uganda safari experience encompasses the thrilling jolt of nature discovery, the glares at the different eye-catching things in the fields among others. The Uganda safari experience is also the way to connect with the natural world, the authentic cultures in the countrysides, and a lot of interesting things to physically put you in the right travel and safari moods. The Uganda safari experience might not be something you can easily find in the other destination, for example, the mist around the Murchison falls, the breeze from the Rwenzori Mountains, the adorable baby gorillas of Bwindi and Mgahinga chimpanzees in Kibale national park among the other unique things.

For anything, Uganda is the destination for you to be, the Uganda safari experience is all you need to make your travel time worthwhile. From the epic mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park, wildlife viewing in the savannah of the west, to anything you want your Ugandan safari to be, the pearl of Africa has got it all under control. You can enjoy a group safari or experience a private and personalised safari experience in Uganda any time you wish to move from your normal environment to the peal of Africa.

The top Uganda safari journeys for the best Uganda safari experience

  • Mountain gorilla trekking: Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of the top highlights of any Ugandan safari. Most of the travellers reach the pearl of Africa in order to enjoy the wildlife encounter with the great apes of Africa, called the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla trekking is done in bwindi impenetrable national park; Bwindi impenetrable national park is the home of almost half of the world’s mountain gorillas, however, you can also enjoy mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is also done in mgahinga national park where one habituated mountain gorilla family dwells. Mountain gorilla trekking permits of bwindi impenetrable national park go for just USD700 per person per day. To note, you should trek for the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park for at least 3 days in order to enjoy and learn all the interesting traits of the endangered mountain gorillas.

  • Tree climbing lions: The tree climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth national park are the top reason as to why Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda. The wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park will take you to the southern sector where you will enjoy the strange “tree climbing” lions. Yeah, it sounds so hard to believe when someone tells you that the lions in ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park climb up the candelabra tree branches like some monkeys or sloughs and other climbers. However, your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park is a chance for you’re to get all the doubt out about the tree climbing lions in ishasha. However, that is not all you are going to enjoy in Queen Elizabeth national park, the game drives are a good thing for you to add to your safari itinerary in Queen Elizabeth national park. Queen Elizabeth national park harbors bout 97 mammal species, over 600 bird species, chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge and other interesting sightings in Queen Elizabeth national park. The game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park offer you an opportunity to enjoy all the wildlife in Africa at a glimpse. The morning game drives are the best for you to see a lot of Uganda kobs, elephants, buffalo herds, sitatungas, lions, hippos after there night troll among others. You can also enjoy the Kazinga launch cruise which allows you to enjoy sightings from a lot of birds such as the African fish eagle, king fishers, heron, francolins, sunbirds, bee-eaters, flycatcher among others.

  • Murchison falls: Murchison falls national park is where you find the glorious Murchison falls. The Murchison falls produce a lot of tremble around the area and the sound of the water is hard from a distance rambling through the narrow passage between hard rocks and falling from great height of about 45 meters to the bottom of the falls where you enjoy the different birds enjoying the tranquillity of the area, plus the butterflies flying around, take your mind to some reality of a world you have ever imagined about. The hike to the top of the falls is the most interesting nature walk in the wilderness. The top of the Murchison falls hike allows you to take back the time to the explorers’ era when Winston Churchill stood at the top of the falls in this area and claimed Uganda as the pearl of Africa. Also, the hike upwards to the top of the falls will have you smiling at the mist falling on you sweaty face, and as you step up, the trembling ground due to the strength of the water feels like the world is splitting up apart, and it is such a time to realize some adrenaline over the excitement. Murchison falls national park is also the only place where you go and enjoy the black rhinos in ziwa rhino sanctuary; it is an en-route station along the journey to Murchison falls. Murchison falls will also have you enjoy a lot of other animals like the Rothschild’s giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and a lot of bird species as you sail along the Nile to the Albert delta; it is also a chance for you to have a glimpse at the prehistoric “sought after” shoebill stork among other interesting wildlife like the sitatunga antelope and the swamp gonolek birds among others.
Uganda Safari Experience
Uganda Safari Experience

  • Chimpanzee trekking: Most of the primate safaris in Uganda are taken to Kibale national park. kibale national park is a primate capital of the world because it holds lives of about 1500 chimpanzees and other 12 species of primates including the black and white monkeys, the blue colobus monkeys, the grey checked mangabeys, l’hoest’s monkey, red colobus monkeys, night creatures such as the bus babies among others. The chimpanzee safari to kibale national park will have you enjoying chimpanzee trekking or Chimpanzee habituation. Unlike the chimpanzee trekking, where you stay with the chimpanzees for a maximum of 1 hour, chimpanzee habituation in kibale national park is a full day research activity that allows you to learn a lot about the chimpanzee behavior and lifestyle. You can also enjoy the visit to bigodi swamp where you get to enjoy the different forest and swamp birds, insects, crawlers among others. The chimpanzee safaris in Uganda can also be done in the other part of the country. Ngamba island visit is a chance for you to enjoy seeing the chimpanzees in this forested island, however, most of them are rescue victims among other tragic things that befell them in the hands of the poachers. If you are in Queen Elizabeth national park, take your primates to walk to Kyambura gorge, a rain forest strip in the dry savannah of the west. Kyambura gorge holds one community of chimpanzees most of which are habituated, so you will enjoy your time with them at the fullest. Other places for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda include Kaniyo pabidi forest reserve in Murchison falls national park and Budongo forest, plus kalinzu forest reserve in kasese among others.

Factors to consider for delightful Uganda safari experience

It is always tricky for travellers to find or choose the best destination where to achieve, at least, a beautiful experience after the end of the travel time. This is evident from a lot of traveller reviews as they try to talk about the different destinations they have walked or visited before coming to Uganda. Most travellers tend to worry about the cost of a certain safari, the lifestyle of the destination and sometimes also the experience at the end of the day, however, there are a few things that you can consider in order to enjoy the safari experience in Uganda and any other destinations that you are planning to visit.

  • The time of the year has a big impact on the weather in Uganda and your safari experience in turn. September time is a magical time for the most beautiful experience in the pearl of Africa. The calm and friendly weather is experienced during this time of the year where the light rains and sometimes drizzles clear the skies for you and packs the dust away from the game tracks in the national parks. The mild sunshine is enough for you to put on the short sleeves during your game drive in the national parks of Uganda. Also, the sunshine of September allows the roads to stay dry for safe passage of your vehicles to the remote places for wildlife encounter in the pearl of Africa.
  • Accommodation is another issue for you to critically consider a delightful Uganda safari experience. There are a number of accommodation facilities in the different national parks around Uganda. you should let your travel agent and tour operator the quality of accommodation you need basing on the room rate and the facilities that you need for a comfortable stay in the pearl of Africa.
  • Tour Operator: It is also crucial to find a certified tour operator and trustworthy in order to get the real information about the destination. Tourism is a free market business where anyone can enter and leave at any time, safari plan for the best Uganda safari experience.
  • Other things and, perhaps, the last, remember to travel while your health is checked. You should be aware that some of the activities in Uganda will be missed if at all you are not health-wise well. For example, mountain gorilla trekking and habituations are restricted activities for all the travellers with ailments such as flu and cough among other communicable diseases, the same applies to chimpanzee trekking in kibale. However, also your experience might be ruined if you travel when you are sick. Therefore, take your time and work with the best people to make you Uganda safari experience a delight.
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